Townsville's Rachael Finch Transparently Shares Breast Implant Removal Journey

"My left implant was ruptured"

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At 17 Rachael Finch made the decision to have breast implants.

The Townsville born Miss Universe Australia recipient is now taking her social media audience on the journey of having the implants removed. 

Last week Rachael had surgery to remove the implants, one of which had ruptured inside her body, causing health concerns for the 32-year-old. 

The mother of two shared the development across her social media pages:

"2 years ago I woke up and noticed one was a little different to the other. I immediately went in for an MRI which the doctor told me I had a capsular contracture in my left breast - meaning the skin the body creates around the implant to protect itself has tightened. I was told it was fine, common and nothing needed to be done urgently.

I started getting pain in my left breast which became bad and other symptoms (which I didn’t associate my implants with at the time) so decided to see other specialists to get more opinions. I’ve been in and out of clinics for months, until last week I was told my left implant was in fact ruptured - meaning there’s a hole with its contents leaking out. These results were actually on the original MRI I had 2 years ago but were read wrong to me."

After a 15 year relationship with the implants, Rachael is now adjusting to life without them.

"Overall I’m doing well. I have to sleep upright and straight for the next few weeks and wear a special surgical bra. Every day that goes on gets better."

If you have any concerns with your own implants, you should contact your doctor. 

Carley Whittington

9 February 2021

Article by:

Carley Whittington

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