Townsville Real Estate Agent TV Sensation After Snake Encounter

You're too funny, Julie!

Carley Whittington

16 April 2018

Carley Whittington

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Julie Munro probably looks familiar because she's a reputable Townsville Real Estate Agent with her face plastered on heaps of marketing signage across town. 

Now she's famous across the country for playing Uber to a slippery passenger. 

Julie was travelling to an Open Home when she noticed she had someone on board, who wasn't invited. 

She was quick to go live on Facebook to put the call out for help in her hysteric situation. 

Julie created some amazing Australian television when she told the story on The Project, have a watch now. 

We even got her on the radio to explain the situation to Cliffo! 

Poor Julie, we would've reacted the same way!! 

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