Townsville Here's What You Need To Know On World Mental Health Day

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It can get a bit overwhelming, every other day seems to have a meaning behind it...but Thursday isn’t just Thursday anymore, it is National Hug a Drummer Day.

Now, I don’t want to belittle the importance of Hug a Drummer Day (please if you know a drummer- hug them) but today is also, World Mental Health Day.

Here are the facts:

When it comes to depression, one in six women and one in eight men will experience it in their lifetime. The numbers increase when we talk about anxiety; one in three women, and one in five men, are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime. For every suicide, for every suicide attempt, there are tragic repercussions for family, friends, partners, colleagues, and the broader community. 

These are startling stats, and the amount of info out there can get very overwhelming and confusing. So, I have put together a list of organisations online, as well as, in and around Townsville that are there to support you or your loved one going through a difficult time. 

Beyond Blue: Beyond Blue offer a range of support services. Including online chats, phone support, and email. 

headspace: headspace offer support for 12-25-year old’s, and we have a centre here in Townville. They also offer telehealth services, work and study programs, as well as, eheadspace (phone and online support). 

Mates 4 Mates: Mates 4 Mates is an organised designed the help ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel. Their services include Physical Rehabilitation and Wellbeing, Psychological Services, Employment and Education Support Services, Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges, and Social Connection Activities. 

NQ Connect: NQ Connect is a phone and online counselling services for people in Northern and Western Queensland. The goal is NQ Connect is to help provide support for people who have been affected by the floods.


Cat Pegoraro

9 October 2019

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Cat Pegoraro

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