Townsville Dog Goes Viral For Being A Funny Boy


Carley Whittington

20 December 2018

Carley Whittington

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Image credit: Facebook Morgan Whitaker

So often we look at our pets and either giggle or just fall in love with their fluffy heads even more, but one local has been left with questions recently...

Townsville man Morgan Whitaker posted a photo in global Facebook group 'Cool Dog Group' and it's got followers laughing out loud. 

Morgan's German Shepherd Alfie recently decided he'd test how springy his legs were, and found himself in a high spot...

Image credit: Facebook Morgan Whitaker

Alfie's antics left his pawrent scratching his head though, in Morgan's words 'For a dog that can barely jump on the bed without going full potato, I have so many questions....' 

The post has already racked up 20,000 thousands likes, and close to 3,000 comments. 

Some commenting that Alfie may have ended up their because he saw a spider, while others are labelling him an 'acrobatic pup'. 

Maybe he's letting his inner cat run wild? Whatever the cause, we think it's adorable! 

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