Townsville Bus Driver Negligently Leaves Toddler Trapped Inside Bus

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A bus driver who allegedly left a four year old child on a bus for an hour has been charged by police.  

On Thursday July 15 at around 10:20am, a four year old child was found strapped into her seat on a bus outside a daycare centre in West End.

Toddler Stranded On Daycare Bus:

The toddler was quickly taken to the Townsville Hospital as a precaution, but was reported to be in good health.

According to The Townsville Bulletin, an email that was sent out from the bus company said,

“We have been advised that the child did not suffer significant harm, but given this event resulted from a serious breach of our policies and practices, we have made the decision to pause our bus services across Townsville while we carry out an internal investigation”.

The 42 year old Heatley bus driver is being charged with endangering the child's health through exposure.

She will appear in the Townsville Magistrates Court on August 3.

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21 July 2021

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