Top Old School Fashion Items That You Definitely Owned

Remember these!

16 June 2017

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We're celebrating all things OLD SCHOOL here at the station, all because we're hosting the old school party to end all parties, at the new Paramount in Northbridge.

They say good fashion is timeless... but there's some things that should definitely be left in the past!

Here's ten of our fave old school fashion items that you definitely lusted over at one point in your life.

Butterfly Clips

It was practically a competition to see who could clip the most butterflies into their hair.



Long Jeans That Dragged On The Ground

Your mum was constantly offering to hem your jeans, but that would have been SO UNCOOL!



Flower Hats

Looking like Blossom was the ultimate aim. 



Mood Rings

You couldn't properly judge how you were feeling unless your mood ring changed colour.




Glitter Bracelets

How many of these could you stack on your arm? The more glitter, the better!



Dirty Denim Mini Skirts

Ripped, stained, bleached - every single option was available to purchase with no extra home distressing needed.



Spice Girls Platform Shoes

It didn't matter that they were impossible to walk in, you absolutely needed a pair of platforms!



Skirt Over Jeans

It was casual and dressy at the same time. How could you go wrong?



Fabric Belts

For one brief moment in the 2000s we all wore fabric wrapped around the top of our low-rise jeans.



Jelly Sandals

They've actually made several comebacks, but nothing says old school like a pair of jelly shoes.


If you love Old School as much as us, you'll want to join Heidi, Will and Woody at our Old School Party at the New Paramount.

Written by: @dantheinternut

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