Top 5 Movies to Watch at Home in Bad Weather

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The weather of late has been... damp, to say the least. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can, coincidentally enough, be a great time to make yourself a cup of tea, stay in and watch one of these 5 comfort movies that will make you feel warm on the inside whilst it gets colder and colder outside.

Stuart Little

Imagine a world where a family, looking to adopt a kid, go to an adoption home and instead of choosing one of the 100 kids that are there and desperate for a family, these two adults pick a walking, talking mouse that wears size 0.002 red Chuck Taylors, can drive a miniature car and sounds a lot like Marty McFly. Well you have just imagined the movie Stuart Little and when it comes to movies that just make you smile, you really cannot go past this one.

School of Rock

If you think it’s a bad idea for a guy who has written songs like Kickapoo, Master Exploder and The Government Totally sucks to become a music teacher then School of Rock is here to prove you wrong. A movie that relies on Jack Black isn’t usually a great thing, but this is one of the most fun movies of the 00s with a killer soundtrack.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will one of two things to you if you watch it on your day off, you’ll either be thrown back to your childhood and remember how much careless fun you used to have as a kid with your friends or it’ll make you feel infinitely worse for wasting a day by watching the sheer amount that Ferris can fit into a day. High risk, high reward.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Honestly, you could replace this movie with any Robin Williams movie ever (maybe except for Insomnia) and you are going to have an amazingly cozy movie that will make you laugh and cry. Mrs. Doubtfire is a standout though with some of the most quotable Williams quotes to ever be quoted (See: "It Was A Run-By Fruiting.", "Help Is On The Way, Dear!" and of course "Hellooooo!"


It’s a movie about an Australian talking pig that dreams of becoming a sheep dog.
I don’t know what else there is to say.
At one point he sings Jingle Bells.
Just watch it.

In conclusion, just because its cold and wet outside, doesn’t mean you can’t warm your soul with some of these movies, a cup of tea and a blanket.

5 May 2021

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