Top 10 Crash Hotspots In Perth Revealed

Be careful out there!

3 October 2018

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The annual AAMI Crash Index has been released, and there's one particular stretch of road here in Perth that they've declared as the worst in the city for crashes, for the second year in a row.

The report reveals the ten worst roads and streets in Perth, according to their research, and they are:

  1. Albany Highway, Cannington
  2. Great Eastern Highway, Midland
  3. Garden City, Booragoon
  4. Ranford Road, Canning Vale
  5. Joondalup Drive, Joondalup
  6. Nicholson Road, Canning Vale
  7. Kwinana Freeway, South Perth
  8. Mitchell Freeway, Perth
  9. Canning Highway, Applecross
  10. Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo

Spokesperson for AAMI, Ashleigh Paterson, suggested that these hotspots all had a few things in common.

"The majority of the hotspots share commonalities in that there is a high volume of vehicles entering and exiting at multiple intersections, frequent stopping and starting, and constantly changing driving conditions.

"When combined, this creates plenty of opportunities for small misjudgements and lapses in concentration which can lead to serious collisions."

Stay safe on the roads, everyone!

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