Tony Robbins’ Firewalk Is A Trick - NOT The 'Power Of Positive Thinking'

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Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

26 August 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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In the lead up to Tony Robbin’s upcoming Australian ‘Unleash The Power Within’, a lot of people are getting ready to have their lives completely changed by his empowering methods of motivation. 

Others, however, are questioning his whole process and whether he’s the real deal. 

Case in point, The ‘Firewalk Experience’, that rides off the thought of positive thinking... but it's really a parlour trick, that's been done for YEARS.

Before we go into the ins and outs of the science behind walking on a bed of hot coals, let’s learn a little about Tony from his site. 


On his website for his UPW lifeclass, it’s explained why Tony ‘is your guy’. 

The site explains, Tony is the "World’s #1 Business & Life Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist No-one understands the psychology of success like” Tony. 

We didn’t even know ‘life strategist’ was a job title. And doesn’t understanding the psychology of success come with some background in psychology?

Something Tony has no credentials in.

However, his creds are all in the business realm, and some people get the vibe that if you wanna run your life like a business, then of course, Tony is your guy. 

There are merits for and against this. 

Now, BACK to the whole FIREWALK experience. 

Many are led to believe that it’s the power of positioning thinking and believing that you can walk across a bed of hot coals that enables you to. 


But it’s not. 

Here’s the science behind it:

According to Karl Kruszelnicki, speaking with ABC, walking across hot coals is possible, because:

  • Firewalking (although it’s walking over a bed of naked hot coals, covered in ash), is possible due to heat conductivity. 
  • The heat conductivity of naked coals is relatively low, as they aren’t great conductors and can’t pass the heat energy on to other objects well.
  • "Back in 1997, Kjetil Kjernsmo, a Norwegian scientist from the University of Oslo, investigated the phenomenon of firewalking with heat sensitive cameras. The first thing he found was that the temperature of the coal bed varied between 150°C and 700°C. 700°C is hot, but nowhere near the 1,200°C that some firewalkers claim to have measured."
  • "The second thing that he found was that very little heat energy left the coals and entered the naked feet, during a firewalk." 
  • “After a typical firewalk, the bare soles heated up by only 4°C.
  • Plus, the outer layer of your skin is dead, which provides good insulation, and blood circulation helps take heat away. 

Of course, the whole event ISN’T about walking on fire - it’s about confronting your fears, and Tony has explained it’s not all about mind over matter. 

Tony spoke to the Huffington Post, saying, "We are trained, almost innately, to be scared of fire and to keep away from it. That is why walking through a pathway of fire is a powerful expression of moving beyond one’s fears. 

"Walking over any hot surface does encompass some risks, but it has been done safely for centuries, and when administered properly can have enormous value as a reminder of what we are truly capable of.

"And again, it’s not some magical mind-over-matter process. As I tell people in our events... anyone can walk on fire! 

"Anyone can also be up at 5 a.m. excited about their life! Anyone can start their day with a killer workout! Anyone can find a way to master a craft and find meaning in their work! Anyone can have a passionate and loving relationship! Anyone can, but... few people do! 

"What people can do is amazing... what they will do is too often disappointing.”

We admire that thinking. 


So, Is it just a way to feel good in the short term? A quick-fix solution, with no long term solidarity?

Or is it the real deal?

There’s no denying that many around the globe have been influenced positively by his seminars and are leading better lives for it. 

But others aren’t buying into the $1,195 (minimum) priced events, and share some very strong opinions about it all (Reasons HERE). 

Like most things in life, there a pros and cons to every situation and every choice. 

While some things work for some people, they don’t work for others. 

It’s important to ensure you’re getting what YOU need out of something, and aren't being strung along in someone else’s games. 

Food for thought. 

Have YOU been to a Tony Robbins' seminar? We'd love to know!

What did YOU think?

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