Tommy Little Reveals Davina Asked Him Out While She Was Filming MAFS

He asks her about it live on air...

13 February 2018

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Before speaking with Married At First Sight contestant Davina this afternoon, Tommy Little revealed to his co-star Carrie that he actually went on a date with the contestant, who is currently 'married' to Ryan on the show. 

He revealed that while the pair dated a while ago... she actually tried to catch up with Tommy again while she was in Sydney filming Married At First Sight. 


When Carrie asked Davina to confirm if this was true... things got a little awkward.

"Yeah, it was (during) this show...but not as like a date... just because I was in Sydney," she replied

"Oh, so you just wanted to catch up as friends?" Tommy asked

"I'm confused... because I just want to know, were you trying to go on a second date and get married at the same time?" he added

"... I caught up with a lot of my friends," Davina repeated 

"Oh, but how many of those friends did you make out with?" Tommy replied

"The reason I found out about how weird this was, was 'cause my friend who was at my house said,  'I think she's married, come have a look'...and I run to the living room and you're on TV getting married!"

"I need to know... are we dating?"

After a bit of awkward silence Davina then made things a whole lot more confusing. 

"I don't really know anymore," she said. 

"I'm as confused as you.. one minute I'm a single girl, the next minute I'm married... so I don't know."

Listen to the "most awkward conversation" Carrie says she's ever been a part of...and I think we've ever heard!




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