Should You Speed Up Or Stop At A Yellow Light?

The road rule South Aussies are ignoring

Emma Charlton

21 March 2018

Emma Charlton

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South Aussies are running too many yellow lights.

Do you know it's actually illegal?

There's been a sharp increase in the number of drivers penalised since 2012, bringing in $393,000 in fines to the State Government.

Traffic experts say most drivers don't even know it's illegal, despite it being in the handbook for decades.

In the five years to 2017, almost 2,500 people were stopped after speeding through.

The rule requires you to stop on a yellow light unless it's unsafe to do so.

It's believed older drivers are the worst as Learners are taught to stop.

535 people were pulled over just last year for offending.

Charles Mountain from the RAA says it's putting the lives of other drivers at risk.

"You have to make that value judgement," he said.

"Have I got sufficient distance to stop safely, will the vehicle behind me be able to also stop if I choose to do so, what are the implications if I continue to drive through the intersection?"

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