Tips to staying focused while studying in isolation

5 tips to stay on track

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With the recent disruptions to study, it would be easy to sit on the couch and watch allll of Netflix. But you’re a student with your eye on the prize – getting into the career of your dreams. Momentum is a hard thing to lose, so be sure you keep chugging along on that study track!


P’s might get degrees but HD’s are where it’s at. With some inspiration from GeSS Education’s online courses, we’ve put together some hints to apply to your at-home coursework. To the library! Er… loungeroom. To the loungeroom!

  1. Stay hydrated. You’re going to be sitting around, A LOT. You’d think water isn’t so important for the inactive, but it really is. It keeps your mind fresh and stops your body getting too fatigued. Y’know, from all that sitting. 
  1. Reward yourself. The lure of the Netflix will be strong. Pre-set yourself a goal and matching reward, e.g. “After I do this reading, I can dive into a half hour YouTube vortex.”
  1. Stay in touch with classmates. Thanks to the world wide interwebs, it’s super easy to stay in touch, compare notes and discuss the latest course content. They’re also a good place to start if something doesn’t make sense and you need a good dose of ‘What the?!’
  1. Sit in a comfy chair. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get into a groove if your lumbar isn’t being gently caressed. Assess what’s on hand in the house and choose your champion.
  1. Don’t doubt you can do it. You’ve got this, pal. Sure, this is a super weird time and every day it feels like the goalposts are shifting. But you know what you have to do. Keep your eye locked on your goal and don’t be scared to question and clarify with your tutor/lecturer. It’s lit-er-ally their job to help you succeed.  

GeSS Education is a brand new educational facility in Southport, overlooking the Broadwater. Until you’re in a position to join them on their flash campus, think of this time as strengthening your potential. There’s a great selection of courses available to students across a range of industries, with enrolments open to domestic and international students. Soon, domestic students will have access to extended payment plans to help decrease financial burden brought on by Covid-19.

Create your very own study cocoon with GeSS Education.  

27 March 2020

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