Tiffany Scanlon Debuts ‘New Face’ For ‘Love Island' After $3k Plastic Surgery

Her new look...

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

6 May 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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You may remember Tiffany Scanlon from Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor.

Instead of ending up with Richie, Tiffany entered into a relationship with fellow Bachie girl Megan Marx.

While the two have now split, and Megan has since starred on Bachelor in Paradise, we have just learned that Tiffany will be joining the new reality TV show ‘Love Island’.

Not only that, but she has also opened up about how she has undergone plastic surgery in the lead up to the show’s premiere. 

Tiffany took to social media to share a picture of her ‘new face’, detailing the cosmetic work she has had done. 


"Q. What did I have done?

"A. 4ml of filler spread over my cheek bones, lips and chin. Then Botox to my forehead, brow, mandible and crows feet.

"Q. How much does it cost?

"A. It depends on what you have done, what product you use and how much of the product is required. Botox is $299 per area. Fillers cost $600+ per 1ml depending on the product used (I had Juvederm in my lips and Voluma in my cheeks/chin). As I said though, there are a lot of variables so best to make an enquiry.”


As brand ambassador for Perth’s Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, she did her all to promote it as THE best treatments you can get done. 

“I don’t care what any celebrity or skin therapist tells you, nothing achieves the same result as botox and filler and in the end it will cost you less than all those anti-wrinkle creams/treatments.”

The total cost of her surgery? Around $3,000. 

She also opened up about the risks of the surgery, saying, “The complications can be filler blindness or Necrosis (death of skin), both of which can be treated if you go to a practice where they are qualified enough to recognise it and have an on-site Doctor to treat it right away.”

That’s enough to turn lots of people away… 



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