Tiffany Breaks Down On 'I'm A Celeb' During An Intense Tucker Trial

This was INSANE!

7 February 2018

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Australia had been wondering where Tiffany had disappeared to on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! and tonight, they found that she is still in the jungle, and about to do her first Tucker Trial.

As soon as Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris revealed that the Tucker Trial would involve dressing as a bird and be dangling hundreds of metres above a river, Tiffany broke into tears.

The singer has a crippling fear of heights and although she was doing the challenge with Anthony Mundine and Josh Gibson, she couldn't handle being faced with something that scared her so much.


Tiffany suddenly started struggling to breathe when it was her turn to do the Tucker Trial and started to cry saying that she felt "awful" and "guilty" that she was so scared.

A producer tried to comfort her and make her laugh, however, Tiffany continued to panic.

She soon decided to face Dr Chris and Julia and when asked if she was going to go through with the challenge, the singer said those magical words, "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here".


Then, Dr Chris, being the good samaritan that he is, offered to do the challenge in her place.

Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if he asked to do the challenge even if Tiffany didn't pull out because he was having way too much fun up there...


The team only took home one star for the challenge but hey, at least we know that Tiffany is okay.

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