Thousands Petition for Annastacia Palaszczuk to Be Denied Entry to Tokyo

25,000 signatures and counting

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A petition to ban the Queensland Premier from travelling to Tokyo for Brisbane’s Olympic bid is gaining traction.

The petition already has more than 25,000 signatures since starting last week, including signatures from Australian’s stranded overseas.

The petition outlines that Palaszczuk has called for a reduction of return travellers in hotel quarantine, and her trip to Tokyo would take one of their spots in an already competitive process.

"The people of Australia believe the Queensland Government should lead by example. We hereby petition for Annastacia Palaszczuk to be denied the right to leave Australia at this time until she increases Hotel Quarantine capacity to such an extent that she will not take up a space that could have gone to a stranded Australian."

The Premier has had her second does of the Pfizer vaccine, and submitted a travel exemption to travel to Tokyo to make Brisbane’s Olympic bid for 2032.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has reinforced the importance of the trip in ensuring that Queensland secures the event and the International Olympic Committee expects her, and the other government representatives to attend.

Speaking to Listnr's Australia Today, leader of One Nation Pauline Hanson says the Queensland Premier is hypocritical.

“You’ve got approximately 34,000 Australians who can’t get back in the country, she’s travelling over there, I’d say on her own private jet. If she’s going to go, I hope that she picks up some stranded Australians over there on her way back to actually allow them to get back home.”

National Cabinet agreed to slash international arrivals from 6,070 to 3.035 by July 14, after Palaszczuk called for a 50% reduction in travellers.

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6 July 2021

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