Thoughts All Aussies Have When Travelling In America

Why are Americans so nice?

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Australians love The States, which makes sense - it is the land of pizza the size of your face, bagels and hot dogs. I mean, the USA is famous for a lot of things. However, my mind just gravitates to food at all…. Twisties.

I have recently come back from a trip to LA and NY and they are two of the greatest cities in the world. But I did have some thoughts that I think EVERY Aussie has when they are in America.

  • Why is the service so good?
  • There is Starbucks everywhere. Literally everywhere.
  • OMG Americans do a good burger!
  • Everyone talks like the movies.
  • I hate tipping!
  • All this money looks the same.
  • Why are Americans so nice?
  • This was in a movie.
  • This large is stupidly big.
  • Why are there so many cereal options?
  • Do I tip everyone?
  • How much do I tip?
  • What is Fahrenheit?
  • Oh they have Havaianas - they must be Australian.
  • Why are they laughing when I say thongs?
  • God I miss Vegemite.
  • NYPD OMG like the show!!!
  • Water oh sorry watttterrrrrr.

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Tanya Hennessy

26 July 2019

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Tanya Hennessy

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