This Zoo Has A Very Special Retirement Home For Sloths

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A zoo in the UK has come up with the perfect solution for older sloths who are ready to get away from public life. 

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Wales has a special retirement village for sloths to enjoy. 

The retirement village is for older sloths from other zoos who are too old for breeding programmes. 

Their website explains, "Just like us, animals need somewhere to enjoy their golden years in comfort and style. You may already have heard of retirement homes for dogs and cats…well, we’ve created a retirement home for sloths.

"Instead of taking on young breeding pairs, we have made the decision to home older sloths which have ‘retired’ from other zoos, giving them a comfortable home tailored to their needs as they relax into their twilight years."

You can read about the retirement village HERE and can even adopt a sloth HERE.

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1 May 2020

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