This Trailer For The Home Alone Reboot Has OG Fans Divided

Too soon or just right?

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Home Alone has been revived, sorta, with a reboot called Home Sweet Home Alone dropping on Disney+ next month!

The story is quite the same, following Max Mercer, a mischievous and resourceful young boy who gets left behind at home when his family head off to Tokyo. 

He's forced to defend his home from married couple Pam and Jeff try to break in to retrieve a priceless heirloom!

There's also a connection to the original film, where we see a police officer arrive at the house, wearing a badge with the name 'McCallister', who happens to be an older Buzz, Kevin's bully of an older brother from the original movies!

Check out the moment in the trailer here: 

But with any reboot, this has Home Alone fans divided.


Can't knock it until you try it! We're keen to check out Home Sweet Home Alone when it drops on November 12 on Disney+ 

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Amber Lowther

13 October 2021

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Amber Lowther

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