This Teacher's NAPLAN Letter To Her Student Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

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9 May 2017

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NAPLAN tests have come and gone for many students across the country.

Whilst some of them might be feeling quite confident in their exam abilities, others weren't so sure they'd shine as much as their friends would on the page.

Kym Hofbaur's daughter Kiarra is one of the thousands of children who took the NAPLAN test.

Understanding that some of her pupils would be a bit anxious about it, Kiarra's teacher, Miss Purcell, decided to give her children a little reminder that no matter what happens, the test would not determine their future.

Kym saw the letter that her daughter brought home and decided that this was something that Australian teachers and parents really needed to see.

"With many kids sitting the NAPLAN today, I had to share this beautiful letter than came home with my daughter yesterday from her teacher.

"The people that score these tests don't know that every day you come to school as my student, that I am proud of the effort you put into attempting new things.

"Because these attributes can't be tested.

"The scores that you get from the NAPLAN test will tell you how you did on that day, but they will not tell you everything.... They can't tell you that you brighten up my day with your smile.

"They can't tell you how wonderful and special you are."

She sent the photo to The Today Show and they reposted it on their own Instagram page, to show everyone how kind Miss Purcell was to her students.


"Dear Kiarra,

"Soon, you will be sitting the NAPLAN test.

"Before you do so, there is something very important for you to know.

"The NAPLAN tests do not assess all of the things that make you exceptional and unique.

"They do not assess the fantastic things that you do every single day.

"The NAPLAN is just a snapshot of a brief moment in time."

The letter went on to explain that the people who score the test "don't know that some of you love to sing and dance" and that they are "incredible at drawing".

It said that the tests didn't show how kind and caring the students were towards their families and other pupils because, as Miss Purcell wrote, "these attributes can't be tested".

She ended the note by reminding students that "there is no one way to test all of the awesome things that make you, YOU!"

We wish we had Miss Purcell as a teacher too!

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