This Pizza-Shaped Bath Bomb Looks Good Enough To Eat!


Lauren Payne

17 June 2017

Lauren Payne

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Images: Netflix / @bathesda_boutique Instagram

People are pretty creative when it comes to bath bombs these days.

Walk into any Lush store and you'll see plenty of sparkly bath bombs that look like stars, planets, rainbows and sweets.


Smaller businesses are creating amazing bath bombs as well and this pizza one has taken our breath away!


Because it looks so much like pizza that we actually want to eat it!


Bathesda Boutique is a business that creates stunning bath bombs of all shapes and sizes, but their pizza bomb has stolen our hearts.


When you place this baby into your bath water, three different streams of colour burst out and create a wonderful rainbow around you.


This bomb is amazing and if you're feeling like something sweet the next night, you might want to take a lot at this cinnamon roll bath bomb...


Excuse us whilst we go and buy these delicious treats... 

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