This Pet Alpaca In Adelaide Is Insta-Famous

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If you think you've spotted an alpaca walking the streets of Warradale lately, don't panic.. you're not seeing things!

Since being brought home from a Willunga farm in October last year, Alfie the Alpaca has become an Instagram sensation. 

The one year old house-hold pet belongs to Jeff Cheng and his wife Sophie and while he's mostly an outdoor pet during the day, he sleeps on the lounge room floor at night.

"Jeff is Alfie's 'human'. It's hard being the third wheel sometimes, but I know that Alfie is comfortable with me and trusts me too" Sophie says on Alfie's website.

Residents in the area often see Jeff and Alfie walking around the streets on their after work walk and are happy to come up and say hello.

"Having an alpaca is easy in many ways. They don't smell, they're happy to do their own thing and they come toilet trained. Not to mention the joy he brings to everyone who sees him"!

While the pair love Alfie like a family pet dog, they say he's a bit more high-maintenance than they expected.

"Alpacas are really supposed to be purchased in pairs, so we've felt the responsibility and burden to be very social with him so that he doesn't get lonely". 

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Emma Charlton

13 March 2019

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Emma Charlton

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