This Perth Woman's Breast Implants Caused A Variety Of Health Issues

She wants to help others.

11 September 2018

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Thousands of women have breast implants and have lived their lives with them, without any side-effects.

Thousands of other women with implants, however, are falling incredibly ill and don't realise that it could be the implants causing the issue.

Renee Kacz, a good friend of Heidi's, told Heidi, Xavier and Ryan about how her implants caused things like adult acne, severe bloating, headaches, unquenchable thirst, nausea and a variety of other issues, without her realising it.

"I got incredibly sick, but I didn't know what it was. I never, ever thought that my implants would make me sick. 

"You're told when they're put in that these are perfectly safe and there's two risks. You could get capsular contracture, or they could rupture, but that's a pretty low risk.

"But I never, ever thought that that was it. So I changed everything in my life. 

"I was eating really clean, couldn't drink alcohol 'cause I'd get sick if I did, wasn't having coffee... I was literally doing everything.

"I would got to bed early 'cause I'd be so tired all the time, but I kept getting sicker and sicker."


After a whopping 7 years, Renee decided to hop on the computer to see what her mystery illness could be and came across an article about another woman who had the same symptoms and said that her breast implants were the cause.

Soon, Renee discovered just how common breast implant illness was and that over 60,000 women across the world have had the same issues.

"There's over, about 60,000 [women] that I know of, but there's obviously millions of women with implants and 'cause we're not given the information, we've been lied to.

"The fact is, breast implants do kill women, there is a cancer you can only get from breast implants and the fact is, that the toxicity and the ingredients that they're made from do cause severe health issues."

Renee had her breast implants removed in December 2017 and says she felt like a "different person"

Listen to the full chat below to find out Renee's full list of symptoms:

You can find more information about the side-affects of some breast implants on the Truth About Breast Implants website.

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