This 'Opal Hair’ Trend Is Absolutely Magical

Add some magic to your life!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

5 August 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We like supplying you with a tonne of hair colour and hairstyle memes, not because we want to confuse you, but because we want you to find the right one for YOU!

That said, we’ve stumbled across this ‘opal hair’ trend and know it’s the perfect fit for all y’all out there who want a little magic in their life. 


The dazzling colour is the result of a mix of metallic pink and sherbet orange!

Mike Lowenstein is the man behind the colour, who tried the trend out on his wife, Melody.


He first lightened her hair to platinum blonde, then used a mix of violet-based toners for a pastel finish. 


The colour is very sheer so will eventually fade back to blonde, which is great news for anyone who hates maintaining their hair!

These softer tones have dominated 2018 thus far and this could be the perfect colour for blondes to give a try!

Or, if your hair is on the darker side and you’re looking for a drastic change, why not walk around like a gem with this colour?!

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