This New Netflix Show Is The Perfect Thing To Binge-Watch On The Weekends!

A show about nothing... and coffee

6 January 2018

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It's the weekend, you've spent all week working your butt off, talking to clients and keeping your boss happy, but now you just want to switch off and watch Netflix in peace.

Sometimes, we just need a feel-good show to put our minds at ease and make us chuckle so we can forget about how stressful our week has been.

This month, Netflix has added A LOT of new movies and TV shows to its already extensive library but there's one show that is bound to put you in a good mood, no matter what time of the day it is and how flat you're feeling.

Especially if you're a fan of Seinfeld.


If you want to kick back and relax whilst binge-watching a new show, may we suggest putting on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, a talk show that is filmed primarily in classic, old school cars?


The show is hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, the man famous for his show about nothing, and you can't help but smile as he talks about his favourite cars with some of the funniest people on the planet.


Whether you care more about the cars, the people he's interviewing, or the places across the U.S where they get their coffee, this is a show that you can get completely lost in without worrying about understanding a storyline.

It's easy listening for those who would rather watch TV than listen to music on their day off.

If you want to give it a shot, to kick things off, may we recommend the episode where Jerry interviews then-President Barack Obama whilst driving around The White House?



There are four seasons of this show on Netflix right now so sit, back, relax and maybe even pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a giggle!

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