This 'Mean Girls' Inspired Clothing Line Is Way Too Funny!

You can walk home witches!

23 May 2018

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Australians, we're larrikins and nothing makes us happier than a good movie pun... especially if it's got a cheeky twist!

Aussie fashion label Grey Lines has just released a collection inspired by Mean Girls, however, it's not Mean Girls as you know it!

This label combines some of the most influential films and TV shows with classic Mean Girls quotes to create clothing and accessories that will crack you up every time!

First, they blended the iconic "you can walk home, b**ches" line with Professor Umbridge, the most evil Harry Potter villain (sorry, Voldemort):


It turns out, Hagrid's hair is full of secrets just like Gretchen's:

And speaking of Gretchen, she has actually become a weiner:

Our favourite t-shirt though, has to be Mean Sheilas:


The Mean Girls collection is only available until midnight tomorrow, so if you want a punny t-shirt like this, you better get in quick!


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