This Is The Weather Prediction For Saturday’s White Night

It’s going to be comfortable.

Bree Gashparac

12 February 2018

Bree Gashparac

Instagram: whitenightmelb

White Night is this Saturday and it’s an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to enjoy Melbourne after dark. Spectators will see incredible art installations across the CBD as well as entertainment until the early hours of the morning. 

Because our city’s weather is so up-and-down, we checked in with the Bureau of Meteorology to find out what we can expect on Saturday night.

Throughout the day, Saturday will be mostly sunny at a top of 28C. By 9pm, temps will drop into the low 20’s.

For those night owls, overnight you can expect a minimum of 17C. There is a slight chance of showers, but Melbourne shouldn’t see them until 9am (if we’re lucky!)

White Night is this Saturday 17th of February. Find a full program and more information on their website.


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