This Is How You Can Get Perfect Designer Brows!

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I may not be perfect, but at least my eyebrows are.

If you're finding your brows are a little out of shape and are in need of a bit of TLC, it's not too late! With just a little maintenance, you can have your brows reaching their full potential. If you've ever wanted to know how you can get the perfect designer brows, then keep reading:

1. Grow out your brows

The best way to get the most out of your brows is to grow them out as much as you can before your appointment. Allocate 4-6 weeks for this, as your brows will take more shape and there will be more to work with, giving you a great starting point. 

2. Book in with a trusted brow technician

The most important thing is to go to a brow technician you trust. Do your research and look at examples of their work if you're not sure if they're right for you. Reading testimonials and reviews help a whole lot. Great brows frame the face, so you really want to be able to trust the brow technician, especially if they're tinting them too!  

3. Do your part at home

Believe it or not, upkeep is important when it comes to getting the perfect designer brows. Your brow technician should be able to tell you how to maintain your brows. Brows come in all different shapes, so the upkeep is different for everyone. 

4. Book in for regular appointments

Good brows come to those who book in regularly! Booking in every month at least will make sure your brows are looking fresh as a daisy! You'll be so glad you have a fixed brow maintenance routine! 



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5 June 2018

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