This Guy Quit His Job & Travelled The World With His Cat

*Resigns instantly*

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Normally, I wouldn’t subscribe to the ‘sheep mentality’ and do something just because someone else is, but I think I’ve just found the exception:

This guy quit his job and sold everything he owned to travel the world with his cat. 

As to be expected, I now think that my partner and I quitting our jobs, selling everything, and traveling with our cat is the only next move possible.

Rich East is the man inspiring this totally spontaneous and possibly irresponsible dream of mine, who made the huge decision to uproot everything and venture off with his black rescue cat, Willow. 

After waking up with the idea to leave everything behind one morning, Rich started designing a campervan that would be his new home when he would leave his corporate job of 10 years and sell everything. 

Rich explains on his website that even though he thought it wouldn’t work taking Willow with him at first, it worked out perfectly! 

“I took Willow away for weekends, then whole weeks, and not only did she cope, she thrived. I soon realised that what I thought was a house cat was in fact a van cat, an adventure cat!”

Since setting off in May of 2015, the power duo have travelled more than 50,000km together, journeying all across Australia!

What a dream!

Rich explained that while Willow is normally on a collar, she walks around camp without a leash most of the time and doesn’t wander off.

“Willow and I have an unspoken agreement. She will always come back to the van, and I will always wait for her. 

“She rarely wanders more than 100 metres from the van but when she does I can find her with her tracking collar.”

To keep both the wildlife and Willow safe, the duo don’t travel into National Parks or reserves, camping in places safest for Willow. 

“Spending 24/7 together we have gotten to know each other very well.”

He’s even published a book of their adventures together!

Brb. Handing in my resignation. 


Would YOU love to travel with your cat or dog? Let us know if you have in the Facebook comments!


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