This Girl Can Launches In Victoria Inspiring Women To Get Active

Most women not exercising enough

26 March 2018

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A new campaign aims to encourage women to get moving without fear of judgement or criticism.

VicHealth has launched This Girl Can – Victoria, a three year campaign aiming to increase physical activity among Victorian women.

The campaign, which follows one initially launched in the UK by Sport England, focuses on less active woman and celebrating women for getting moving - however they like. 

The campaign follows the revelation that three in five Australian women are not sufficiently active, with one in give Victorian woman saying they don’t do any physical activity in a typical week.

Research found more than half of women fear being judged. It also found women are more likely to worry about being unfit, not being able to keep up or a beginner.

The research also found women find it harder to return to exercise after a break.

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said the fear of judgment – as well as actual experiences of judgement – stop too many women from being physically active.

“Over half of Victorian women worry about being judged while exercising and for over 40 percent this feeling of embarrassment or intimidation is so strong it actually stops them from taking part in sport or exercise,” she said.

“Concerns about how they look, that they aren’t skilled enough or that they should be prioritising their family or work over exercise are genuine obstacles for women. However, we know if women can identify themselves in advertising and in the media, they’re more likely to overcome this fear of judgement.

She said the campaign isn’t about making women feel bad about not doing enough exercise.

“It’s about celebrating what they can do, even if that’s just a walk around the block or a few laps of the pool.”

The campaign also has a site which gives women inspiration and assistance to get active. 

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