This Fan Theory Suggests That Jack Skellington Is The Grinch, Just Dead

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What if I told you, two of your favourite Christmas movies may tie together?

What if I told you that after The Grinch died, he became Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

That's what a popular fan theory is suggesting.

The theory starts with The Grinch accidentally being dropped off at Christmas Town, otherwise known as Whoville, instead of Halloweentown, which explains why he is not like the others in Whoville.

After The Grinch finally accepts Christmas, he lives out a happy life, with his heart growing two sizes, but after his death, he is transported to Halloween Town, with his past life only a distant memory. However, because he has experienced Christmas before in a past life, he becomes obsessed with it when he's transported to Christmas Town.

The theory also suggests that it's no coincidence that both characters have a dog as a companion, which would mean that The Grinch's dog Max, became Skellington's dog, Hero.

Sure this is just a theory and hasn't officially been recognised, it's definitely going to change the way we watch these Christmas films.

That's not the only theory that may ruin your childhood favourites:

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19 November 2020

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