This Family's Christmas Card Is Hilariously Relatable!

What geniuses!

19 December 2017

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When Christmas time comes around, a few families like to get together to take a nice photo and send that photo out to their extended family and close friends to show them that they're doing well and wishing them a happy holiday!

These cards can be very different depending on the family's sense of humour and whether or not they like to treat the card as a special occasion each year.


Twitter user Emily Seawright has a very humorous family and she thought that their Christmas card photo for 2017 was so funny that it deserved a post on Twitter.

She was SO right!

The photo has currently been retweeted over 50,000 times and has received over 306,000 likes and although it seems simple, it's the subtle joke that may take you a minute to notice that has everyone laughing so hard!



Did you see it?!

There's always one black sheep of the family and this photo shows that at this moment in time, Emily is the black sheep of her family... but she's not concerned about that!

This girl is living her life and is clearly slaying everyday!

Have you taken a funny Christmas card photo?


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