This Customisable Pizza-Sized Cookie Actually Exists & It's What Dreams Are Made Of

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This mammoth customisable cookie is every sweet tooth's dream!

Known for their incredible cookies, Annimentary has gone and finally outdone themselves with the introduction of the Coozzapie.

Coozzapies come in two sizes, the original size, which is 25-30cm in diameter and can feed up to sixteen people ($60) and fun-sized, which measures 18-20cm in diameter and can feed up to eight people ($35).

The best part? You can design your own.

And, yes, they have gluten-free and vegan options available!

Half the fun of a Coozzapie is making your own flavour, right down to the flavour of the dough. Take your pick from white, red velvet or chocolate and then spice that dough up by picking your favourite dough mix-ins, like chocolate chips, lollie, Nutella, peanut butter, jam, Biscoff spread or anything really (but, we know which one we're getting).

Then you’d assume we’re done, but no: last, but not least, you get to pick three choices of fillings, like more chocolate, or lollies, or nuts, or fruits, or cereal, or biscuits...seriously, the limit does not exist.

Due to the customisable nature of these bad boys, you can only order them via email, so if you’re looking for a sweet treat, you’ll want to get in on the action, stat.

Delivery ranges from free to $15 depending on location, find your suburb & more info here.

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14 July 2020

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