This Café In Sydney Sells Some Of Australia's Best Coffee!

We'll take 10 cups thanks!

21 June 2018

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Coffee is love, coffee is happiness, coffee is LIFE!

Australia has some of the best coffee in the world, you can ask any of your friends who have travelled overseas and they'll tell you that the coffee in New York, London and Paris have NOTHING on the coffee that's available here in Sydney.

Italy may have some decent coffee, but we're not discussing Italy right now...

One of Australia's best coffee roasters is Ona Coffee, and they're often recognised at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo as having an excellent selection of beverages for their customers.


It's top-quality, sustainably sourced coffee and last month, they set up shop right here in Sydney!

Last month, Ona Coffee arrived in Marrickville and now, word is beginning to spread!

The café offers a variety of coffees, with all milk-based beverages made as a traditional cappuccino, but without the chocolate sprinkled on top.


This is so that the coffee beans can take centre stage because honestly, they're super tasty!

You can also grab a bite to eat with tomato stracciatella with grapes, olive, basil oil and rye, and a kingfish smørrebrød topped with lemon aioli, capers and pickles available to nibble on.

It's Marrickville's newest café for coffee aficionados!

ONA Coffee Marrickville

140 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

Monday to Friday: 7am - 3pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 3pm

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