This Blind, Overweight, Orphaned Labrador Called Dumpling Needs A Home


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Labrador Rescue

This might just be the saddest, cutest story of all time. 

A blind Labrador named Dumpling is looking for a home after being dumped by owners at 10 years of age after she had her puppies.

Labrador Rescue posted a photo of the dog, saying she did not have the best start to life but is a beautiful golden girl.

"Unfortunately I was dumped at the pound at 10 years old, blind, overweight and alone," a post on the Facebook page read.

"As you can tell I have no eyes; I had to lose them as they were causing me a lot of pain. Now I am pain-free and ready to find my new furever home." the post continued.

Dumpling is currently still on the Gold Coast and is available for adoption. She has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. She's up to date with all worming and flea & tick treatments.

Dumpling is a well-mannered lab who currently lives with a few cats and another dog which she doesn't mind at all as long as they don't get in her face cause as you can see, she has no damn eyes so of course, this would scare the crap outta her. 

Plus stairs. 

The post continues to say, "I don’t need much in life just a nice warm home in which to enjoy my last few years."

Ok, if you are not crying already you should be. This damn dog has been abandoned, legit has no eyes and is called Dumpling.

And she is only $300.

Enough said, we're coming to rescue you Dumpling!  

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Eve Swain

16 January 2020

Article by:

Eve Swain

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