This $8 Baby Product Is Better Than A $30 Face Cleanser

"Effective and dirt cheap"

10 August 2017

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Everyone loves a beauty hack because it means less money without compromising great results, and it turns out this Johnson’s product is a winner! 

Johnson’s Top-To-Toe Baby Wash is made from their No Tears formula and has gained a huge following from adult users. 


Ranging from $7-10, the bath wash is being used as substitute face wash, shampoo, body wash and make-up remover. 

“I always take this when I travel. It's a reliable shampoo, body wash and facial cleanser in one… It works and never irritates my sensitive skin. Win!” dwhite_07017 wrote on 

“It's gentle yet effective and dirt cheap” - Cupcakes And Unicorns. 

"Gentle on both my face and body. It does not moisturize nor does it dry out my skin. A pretty nuetral cleanser, which is fine by me” - frippery. 

"I love this product! I am so picky when it comes to using products on my face because my skin reacts with a ton of things! I use this as a face wash by recommendation from a friend who said it was the best at removing all her makeup gently and effectively, and she was right! It truly takes off EVERYTHING! Waterproof, sweat proof, hurricane proof, yatta yatta it takes it all off in one wash. Couldn't believe it." - keekz. 

Sarah added, “I use it at the gym! You can wash your face, your body, your hair with it and its super gentle if you're dry or if you've just had a peel or something… it also smells really nice." 

Obviously, we recommend reading the product ingredients first to check that it’s all safe for you to use, but let us know if you’ve switch out your expensive products for this one! 

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