Thick Smoke To Blanket Sydney For Days

Be careful!

29 April 2019

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Sydneysiders have been in for a foggy start to the week, with heavy smoke cloaking the city this morning.

The smoke has resulted in poor air quality, with it so bad in some areas, it's three times typically 'hazardous' levels.

The strong smell comes as a result of back-burning efforts in the north-west, south and south-west.

"Throughout the morning it will stay like this," Craig Macintosh from Weatherzone told the Hit Newsroom.

"Expect it to be quite hazy all day - we'll be basically relying on sea breezes to clear the air over Sydney. But until Wednesday, they're not going to be that strong.

"I'd be taking care [outdoors] today and definitely tomorrow."

Dr Richard Broome from NSW Health is urging people to stay indoors with the windows shut if they have any respiratory issues.

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