These Moments Prove That Glenn is Unlike Any Man We’ve Ever Seen on The Bach Before

We all need a Glenn

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Over the past few nights Glenn Smith has proved he is unlike any other contestant on any Bachelor franchise, does this make him the best contestant?

The entire Bachelor franchise has gifted us with some incredible characters that we love to hate, and others that we just adore.

But as seasons have continued and as they’ve added to the franchise (the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise), it seems like fewer people are there for love, and more are there to stir up a bit of drama.

Which is why the introduction of Glenn Smith into Bachelor in Paradise has been a breath of fresh air.

Who is Glenn Smith you ask? Is he the brother if the Bondi Vet? No. (I haven’t done a full DNA test so I can’t say for certain) He actually made it into the top 10 in Angie Kent’s season and said approximately 5 words during the entirety of it, and we’ve quickly realised that we were RIPPED OFF!

Not only did we not get to see enough of Glenn in that season, but we’re only just getting to realise that he may be one of the most dateable men and best contestants we've seen on the franchise.

Over the past few nights on Bachelor in Paradise Glenn has delivered some moments that should go down in Bachie history and could prove that he is the best contestant in Australian Bachie history.

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26 July 2020

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