These hilarious DIY disasters reveal some of the worst home fix jobs ever

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In association with Inspirations Paint

12 December 2017

In association with Inspirations Paint

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We all know that feeling of having something break, and never finding the time to properly repair it.

Whether it's not having the time or the money, sometimes a quick-fix can end in disaster, but mostly, just a good laugh. 

From the weird, to the downright dangerous, see what happens when a fix-it job falls into the hands of Mr Lazy. 

1. Tick Tock

There was no time to fix this broken clock, so some genius decided to draw the missing numbers on paper and stick them to the wall. Stupid or ingenious? You decide. 

2. Knock Knock, Who's There? 

Enter if you dare. After the door bell broke, this house owner thought, "Why fix it yourself when you can get your guests to do all the work?" They might just get a shock upon entering...

3. I'll Fry If I Want To.

This idea is cooked. With the oven out of action, it's time to improvise by cooking onion rings with the heater.

Let's just hope this wasn't in the middle of Summer - It's getting hot in 'erreeeee! 

4. Everything, but the kitchen sink. 

I swear it would have been easier to go and get a couple of screws instead of 5 novels, but hey, who are we to judge? The chair is also a nice touch. 

5. Wheely bad move.

Oh dear, please no. After suffering a punctured tyre, this car owner decided to put their child's toy cart underneath the rear wheel. And believe us when we tell you, this wheely won't end well.  

6. Stick it! 

Note to self: Latex (water-based) paint will not stick to oil-based paint. This poor couple learnt the hard way, as their bathroom door started peeling off before their eyes. 

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