These Are The Warning Signs That Your Pet Needs Therapy

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We all know that our little furry friends can provide us with the emotional support we need, but did you know that sometimes even our pets might need professional support?

According to the ABC, puppy therapy clinics are becoming increasingly popular to treat anxious and depressed pooches, especially in built-up urban areas.

Working dogs, in particular, kelpies, kelpie crosses, border collies, German shepherds and 'trending breeds' are more susceptible to behavioural issues and seem to suffer the most with anxiety when living in the big smoke.

To be quite frank, it actually makes a lot of sense considering they’re not meant for the apartment life.

Behavioural veterinarian, Nicole Lobry de Bruyn explained to the ABC that they tend to see an increase in anxiety in breeds that become popular because people are more concerned with the colour and not the temperament of the animal.

So, what are the warning signs you need to look out for?

Ms Lobry de Bruyn who runs her own pet clinic, Animal Sense, says that dogs who seem particularly jumpy and bark at anything are clear red flags for immediate help.

Therapy clinics like these take pet mental health to the next level where they actually aim to work out why your pooch is feeling stressed and helping overcome the issue so your pets can live carefree lives as they should.

“We look at the frequency, the intensity and the duration of some of these behaviours,” Nicole said. “And then we work on modifying, changing the emotion behind the behaviour.”

Dogs literally do not deserve us, please keep your pooch safe!

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Eve Swain

13 August 2019

Article by:

Eve Swain

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