These Are The Noisiest Suburbs In Melbourne

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23 January 2019

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There is always going to be a little of hustle and bustle in every suburb in Melbourne – it’s a city of course! Although, there are a few suburbs where the sounds are particularly louder. 

Here are the some of the noisiest suburbs in Melbourne. 

1. Southbank 

It’s so great to have the wonders of Crown and Yarra River on your doorstep, but come the weekend you’ll find lots of traffic and punters enjoying a night out.


2. St Kilda 

This beachy neighbourhood is a big tourist attraction, with the likes of Luna Park, Palais Theatre and a strip of shops and restaurants. It’s Melbourne’s ‘Surfer’s Paradise’.


3. Footscray 

As Footscray evolves, so do the sounds. There are many great places to eat, so many people are flocking to the area, especially Nicholson Street Mall.


4. Collingwood

There are some amazing live music venues to check out, but it definitely contributes to the level of noise in the area. Then again, who doesn’t want to listen to live music?


5. South Yarra

It’s one of the most beautiful and famed areas in town, so it’s fair that it’s going to be a busy spot, especially at night! 



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