These Are Some Of The WRONG Guesses In Fox FM’s $50,000 Secret Sound

Stay away from these!

4 February 2019

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It’s been a little over two weeks since Fifi, Fev & Byron revealed what Fox FM’s $50,000 Secret Sound is. The answer is so under wraps, even the Fox team are rattling their brains!

You may miss each caller that goes to air, so we’ve updated the list of wrong guesses as the competition goes on. These are some of the things you should stay away from when you get through on 13 10 60…

1. Stapling a piece of paper 

This is the most common answer, and even though it seems pretty likely, it is incorrect.


2. Pressing down a bank stamp

We’ve got $50,000 sitting in the bank for you, but a stamp won’t make us write the check.


3. The noise the an iPhone lock button makes

Your phone is an important tool for calling the studio, but the lock button won’t score you $50k.


4. Refilling a paintball gun

An intriguing guess… but no.


5. Punching your fist through paper

We get that this competition can be frustrating, but…


Make sure you don’t double up when you get a chance to guess by keeping up to date with ALL the guesses here.


Listen carefully… it could win you $50k!


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