These 2018 Baby Names Have Everyone Worried

What will YOU name your kid?

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

3 June 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We understand that everyone wants their child to be unique, and often think that the first step in helping them on their way is to give them a unique name. 

But sometimes, the whole ‘unique’ thing goes too far… 

In fact there’s a whole new trend emerging that GQ has dubbed “the terrible baby-naming epidemic of 2018.”

2018 is the year of weird, wacky and questionably-wonderful names. 

The Social Security baby name database revealed the odd names that are gaining more popularity. 














Instead of the usual spelling of names, many new parents are opting to mix things up. Names on the rise are dominated with the ‘ee’ sound at the end. There’s a tonne of names becoming more popular with the endings “-eigh”, “y”, “ee” and “i”. 

Obviously, new parents want their kids to have a name that will forever be spelled wrong by those around them… 

Which begs the question: are parents trying to make their kids unique, or have a dark sense of humour about their kids having a name that no one can spell? 


Is YOUR newborn's name on the list? 

Let us know any odd new names you’ve heard, in the Facebook comments!



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