There's An Alternate Ending To Titanic That You Need To See!

This would've ruined it!

5 December 2018

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It may have been 20 years since James Cameron’s TITANIC floated into our lives, but that doesn’t mean any of us have recovered from the loss of our beautiful Jack Dawson being frozen to death after selfish upper-class Rose wouldn’t share her floating door with him!

Let’s be real….Rose killed Jack.    


But, there’s MORE to the story! Not only did Rose let Jack freeze to death but she also screwed over ‘Brock Lovett’ (Bill Paxton) when he flew her and her granddaughter out to a salvage ship 85 years after Titanic sank to help recover the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ - a rare diamond that Rose had on her the night the epic ship hit an iceberg.

Old Rose sat everyone down and told a two and half hour long story about how she cheated on her fiancé with a homeless artist, and decided to go down with the ship! But the ending that we all know and love where she pulls the rare diamond out of her pocket and throws it overboard whilst everyone else slept is NOT the only ending!


There’s an alternate version which has the entire crew approach her and try and stop her from throwing the diamond back into the ocean “where it belongs”.

There’s no wonder it didn’t make the final cut because it’s full of BAD acting and a moment where Bill Paxton’s character just points and laughs at everyone for 20seconds! 

Do yourself a favour and watch the 4-minute version below. It’ll make your day!

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