There's A New Disney Princess Coming Your Way!

Meet Sadé!

30 July 2018

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When you're asked who you're favourite Disney Princess is, it can take quite a while to decide.

Do you say Mulan, the girl who took it upon herself to save her country?


Or Tiana, who worked her whole life to save enough money to open her own restaurant?


But what about Jasmine, a princess who wouldn't let anybody tell her who to marry?!


Ugh, there are so many CHOICES!

Well, now that choice is about to get even harder because there's a new Disney Princess on the way!

Deadline has reported that the film company has bought a pitch for a live-action film called Sadé, a fairytale film about an African princess.

The story was created by screenwriters Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer and focuses on the life of Sadé, a young girl who learns she has magical warrior powers and uses them to protect her kingdom from a mysterious evil force.

Sadé is joined by the kingdom's young prince in her adventures and well, we have a feeling that they're going to kick butt!

The film has only just been picked up by Disney, so don't expect it in cinemas anytime soon, but it's still great news!

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