There's A Crash Every 7 Minutes On December 23

Drivers Beware!

20 December 2017

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You might want to take extra care behind the wheel on Saturday.

Insurance Claims Manager Glen Walker said RAC data shows over the past four years, the highest number of crash claims were for incidents occurring on 23 December.

“The past four years have consistently seen 23 December at the top of the list, with an average of almost 193 car crash claims in the one day – that’s approximately one every seven minutes,” he said.

The five most common dates for car crashes:

1) 23 December – average of 193 crashes
2) 10 December – average of 166 crashes
3) 20 February – average of 165 crashes
4) 8 August – average of 163 crashes
5) 24 December – average of 157 crashes

It seems the stress of that last minute Christmas shop might have something to do with it, as a lot of the prangs occur in shopping centre car parks and nearby intersections.

The advice to drivers is to be patient, considerate to others and safe.

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