There’s Now A Saw Themed Escape Room In Melbourne

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If being stuck in a nightmare is something that sounds inviting to you, then you should check out the latest escape room at Rush Escape Game: Hawthorn.

Entitled Hacksaw, the room is designed to fill the vibe and elements of the movie Saw. Of course, that movie was about two guys stuck in a bathroom who were forced to, well, make some tough decisions on how they got out.

You’ll be stuck in a similar bathroom inspired by the film, and yes there is an actual saw in the room, hopefully things end a bit differently to the way the movie does.  

Given the intensity of the room, it does have an 18+ age restriction, as well as some health warnings attached, because of some of the elements used in a few of the puzzles. Plus I’m sure that being trapped in a creepy bathroom solving puzzles to get out is possibly a traumatising experience, but whatever works for you.

If you’re brave enough to take on this escape room, then you can book yourself in here, and take on the challenge of escaping your very own horror nightmare.

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Dean Milhe

23 February 2020

Article by:

Dean Milhe

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