There's A Life Skills Workshop For Young People Happening In Shepparton Next Week!

How to live as an adult

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Whether you're moving to the big city to study, looking to get your own place or just want to know how to #adult, this Lifeskills 101 event in Shepparton on Thursday, April 11 is the perfect opportunity for you to learn all of that & more!

Greater Shepparton City Council’s Word and Mouth are partnering with GOTAFE to educate young local people.

From 11am-5pm, you'll learn topics such as:

  • Changing a spare tyre on a car
  • Where to put oil or water in your car
  • Types of housing explained
  • What is a Bond?
  • Budgeting - Bills and regular expenses
  • How to vote!
  • Young people and the Law
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Job interviews and interview etiquette
  • Loans, credit history and insurance types
  • Transitioning from secondary school into employment
  • Basic cooking of five meals & MORE!

“The workshop is about all the things that you think you should probably know by now, but you possibly don’t,” said Project Manager at Word and Mouth, Jim Gow.

“This is our second year of trying to assist young people more in their transition into independence. Various things will be taught on the day from changing a spare wheel to taxation, from Afterpay to voting, resumes to payslips – hopefully we’ll have the answers for you!”

In the two years that both Word and Mouth and GOTAFE have partnered for this event, Mr Gow said the response has been fantastic, with older people wishing they had learnt that.

“We have spoken to people that believe they should be coming out of secondary school with this information, however the curriculum is already jam packed, so we are just looking to support them.”

Topics also include cooking, job interviews, sexual health, insurance, credit history and much more.

All Word and Mouth events are drug, smoke and alcohol-free events, and this event is free. Word and Mouth events are generally aimed at 12-25 year olds, but all are welcome generally.

For more information about the event, you can head to the Lifeskills 101 Facebook event page

Amber Lowther

9 April 2019

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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