There's A Hot & Spicy Food Day In Melbourne This Week

Can You Handle The Heat?

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Some of us love it, some of us don’t. Spicy food is a divisive topic for many people. In great news for people who love it, the Preston Market is having a hot and spicy food day, to bring you all things spicy this Thursday.

There’s a spicy theme in the air, with plenty of the vendors at the market ramping up their game and offering some spicy specials for you to chow down on. It’s like an Iron Chef episode where chilli is the special ingredient. You'll be able to find something easily with most places offering something using the spicy ingredient. 

There will even be a couple of cooking masterclasses thanks to Spice Bazaar, with a Moroccan and Middle Eastern theme in the first session, and a Malaysian theme in the second. Not only will get the chance to see a master at work, but you’ll be able to brush up on your hot & spicy cooking skills and if you want to, pick up the ingredients used around the market to try to make it yourself. You might even be called up as a cooking assistant, and of course, you’ll get to taste the finished product.

Hot & Spicy Food Day will be running at the Preston Market this Thursday the 27th of Feb from 8am to 6pm. You can find more information about what specials are on offer as well as the times for the cooking classes here.

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Dean Milhe

25 February 2020

Article by:

Dean Milhe

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