The World Needs More Music Videos Like Samantha Jade's Back 2 Back

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2020 has thrown many of us some curveballs and any little ray of light we can spot, we hold on to.

Samantha Jade is one of the people providing a spark of sunshine for us. Not only is she a phenomenal Aussie singer, but her latest film clip for her song Back2Back showcases women supporting women.


Starring some of the powerful women in her life like Yellow Wiggle Emma, Jules Sebastian and more, the video holds the message that together we are stronger.

The song itself was co-written by Sammi and her long time collaborator Carmen Reece - who has also previously worked with Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony and more.

When talking about the Hit, SJ had this to say; "I wrote this song about the importance of the sisterhood and the bond between women that is real and strong. When we stand by each other through the highs and lows, we are celebrating each other and there is an unspoken empowerment.” She continues, “We are daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, nans, lovers, friends; we are united. Friends are the foundation of our lives and our safe place to be accepted for being our true and authentic selves. I believe there is incredible strength in kindness towards each other, especially with your friends that just 'get you’ and that always have your back.” 

You can get your hands on Back2Back here.

Justin Hill

26 October 2020

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Justin Hill

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