The World Jousting Championship Is Coming To Victoria

Let's get medieval!

Entertainment News Team

18 April 2019

Entertainment News Team

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If the latest season of Game Of Thrones has got you feeling a bit medieval, then we've found the perfect event for you!

The World Jousting Championship is coming to Victoria in June, and it is going to be a fun event for the whole family. 

Competitors from France, Germany, England, Norway, Canada, Russia will face off against a strong Aussie team including current WJC champion Phil Leitch. 


You'll get to see knights in shining armour riding at full pace towards each other on horses as they try to attack each other with real lances.  

Attendees will also get to explore a Middle Ages village, and enjoy a giant medieval catapult, a birds of prey display, archery, kid's knight school and more.


The WJC team put on a display in Melbourne's Federation Square this week, and it has definitely got us feeling very excited for the real event:


Where: Lardner Park, Warragul
When: 1-2 June


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